Sonic Sensation

Discover the awesome power of sound! Create sound waves in a tube. Match mystery sounds. Test your hearing. Sort high and low pitches on a turntable. Can you locate a cricket and cat in a kitchen just by listening? Mix a soundtrack. Launch a sound wave toward an eardrum. How many decibels can you produce with your own voice? Team up and let out a roar in the Scream Chamber!

  • Designed for a family audience
  • Size: 1,500 – 2,000 sq. ft.
  • Flexible layout, easy moving and installation
  • Minimal storage required
  • Rental Fee: $26,000 for 3-1/2+ months
  • Shipping: 1 truck

  • Sound waves are all around us.
  • Sound waves hit our eardrums and send signals to our brains.
  • Sound is measured in decibels and pitches.
  • You can measure your own voice in the Scream Chamber, and compare your decibels to a friend’s.
  • When you test your own hearing, you may discover that your left and right ears hear differently.
  • If you listen carefully, you can find something by using just your ears.
  • Learn how to protect your hearing for lifelong health.

Sonic Sensation
Fall 2023: Booked
Spring 2024: Available
Summer 2024: Available
Fall 2024: Available
Spring 2025: Available
Summer 2025: Available


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