From Here to There

How do we move things on land, sea and air? Float on a Hovercraft chair! Move your boat through an authentic canal lock system. Send colored balls zooming through air tubes! Feel the friction! Lift weights with pulleys, levers, pneumatics and hydraulics! Discover the laws of gravity and motion!

  • Designed for a family audience
  • Funded by NSF through the TEAMS Collaborative
  • Size: 1,800 – 2,500 sq. ft.
  • Flexible layout, easy moving and installation
  • Minimal storage required
  • Rental Fee: $30,000 for 3-1/2+ months
  • Shipping: 1 truck

  • Gravity and motion affect transportation.
  • Friction affects bodies in motion: more friction results in slower motion; less friction results in faster motion.
  • Air pressure can move heavy objects, such as a Hovercraft.
  • Hot air rises and makes a hot air balloon go up.
  • A canal lock system can raise and lower boats.
  • Changing the position of a rudder, sail or wing will make a boat or airplane change direction.
  • Changing air flow affects the movement of wings.
  • Pulleys, levers, pneumatics and hydraulics can lift heavy loads.
  • Magnetic forces allow trains to float in the air.

From Here To There
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