Attack of the Bloodsuckers!

Bloodsuckers are invading! Explore the science of what’s biting you! Examine the what, why, when and how of mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, leeches and other parasites. Feel for heat—bloodsuckers need a hot meal! Locate CO2 in your breath that attracts mosquitoes. Find a vein in an arm, and match suckers by their mouth parts. Play the itchy TwITCHer Game! Learn why bloodsuckers are important to the ecosystem—and how to keep them out of YOUR system. Creepy good fun!

  • Designed for a family audience
  • Developed by EEC (Environmental Exhibit Collaborative)
  • Funded by: Jane’s Trust, Cabot Family Charitable Trust, IMLS
  • Size: 1,500 – 2,200 sq. ft.
  • Flexible layout, easy moving and installation
  • Minimal storage required
  • Rental Fee: $27,000 for 3-1/2+ months
  • Shipping: 1 truck

  • Bloodsuckers such as fleas, ticks, bedbugs, lice, mosquitoes and leeches need blood meals to survive and reproduce.
  • Bloodsuckers are integral to ecosystems around the world.
  • There are many types of bloodsuckers, such as insects, arthropods, sea lampreys, vampire bats, and even birds.
  • Learn the science behind the piercing, sucking and probing that bloodsuckers do to get their blood meals.
  • Find out how mosquitoes can detect body heat and locate carbon dioxide gas trails from your breath.
  • Use giant graphs to chart your body’s reactions to bites and whether you are attractive to mosquitoes.
  • Watch live leeches and mosquitoes in their escape-proof enclosures.
  • Find out how to keep bloodsucking parasites out of your system!

Attack Of The Bloodsuckers
Fall 2023: Available
Spring 2024: Booked
Summer 2024: Booked
Fall 2024: Available
Spring 2025: Available
Summer 2025: Available


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