Zoom Into Nano



Partners and Sponsors

Zoom Into Nano was developed with funding by the National Science Foundation by Cornell University, in partnership with the Sciencenter, a hands-on science museum in Ithaca, NY, and Painted Universe, Inc., an independent exhibit design team also of Ithaca, NY.

Additional Project Collaborators

Emily Maletz is the graphic artist who created the graphics 'look'.

Edu, Inc. is an external evaluation firm that is carrying out front-end, formative, and summative evaluation of the exhibition.

Mine-Control is one of our creative collaborators and is responsible for some of the interactive video experiences.

Technofrolics is also one of our creative collaborators helping to bring zoom images of the nanometer scale to life.

Dennis Kunkel is a world-renowned microscopist who has helped generate a great deal of the images in Zoom Into Nano.

David Goodsell is on staff at the Scripps Institute and is recognized for his unique artistic ability to portray the microscopic world.

Earth and Sky. World-renowned for their science radio series, Earth and Sky audio segments are being used to introduce visitors to the wonders of nanotechnology.

External Advisory Board Members

Dennis Bartels (Exploratorium) is Director of the Exploratorium in San Francisco.

David Haase (NC State) is Professor of Physics and Director of the Science House at North Carolina State University.

Evelyn Hu (UCSB) is the Director of the California NanoSystems Institute and a professor in Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of California, Santa Barbara.

Betsy Fleischer (Materials Research Society) Editor (1994) of MRS Bulletin, the international monthly publication of MRS.

J. Shipley Newlin (Science Museum of Minnesota) is the Director of Physical Sciences & Technology at the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Mark Flowers (Nanoscience Instruments) is cofounder and president of Nanoscience Instruments, a reseller of scanning probe microscope instrumentation that is focused primarily on education.