Negotiable fee for Spring 2016 & Summer 2016. Perfect for field trips!

Zoom into Nano

Spin wheels and zoom into the nanoscale! Move your body—dissolve a crystal and stretch a molecule! Create a pattern, then shrink it! Challenge yourself—can you transport atoms in motion? Build molecular models and giant carbon nanotubes. Use your senses: discover how you can detect invisible molecules with just your nose. Find out how nanotechnology affects our lives.

Zoom Into Nano is a hands-on interactive exhibition focusing on how scientists see and make things that are too small to see. Nanoscale science and engineering are methods of manipulating materials on the molecular scale to generate very, very small structures and devices.

  • Designed for 8-13-year-olds and families
  • Funded by NSF
  • Partner: Cornell University
  • Size: 4,000-5,000 sq. ft.
  • Rental Fee: Negotiable; call 607-272-0600 ext. 28 for details
  • Shipping: fits in 2 semi-trailers

  • All matter is made of atoms
  • Atoms bond together to form molecules
  • Atoms and molecules are always moving
  • There are one billion nanometers in a meter
  • Nanotechnology is: making new materials and tiny devices smaller than 100 nanometers in size
  • Nanotechnology allows scientists to make new things such as: smaller, faster computer chips and new medicines to treat diseases such as cancer

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