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When the Earth Shakes

Hold on tight! Get ready for earthquakes and tsunamis! Jump on the Quake Karaoke platform and match an earthquake seismogram! Build your structure, set it on a “beach,” and launch a wave in the 16-ft Tsunami Tank! Then replay the impact in slow-mo and improve your design. Complete Puzzled Earth, the plate tectonic puzzle, before time runs out and the pieces fall! Spin through geologic time to make Earth’s continents move and re-form. Be an engineer as you design and build structures to withstand earthquakes on the Shake Table. Find out what engineers do to keep our world safer…When the Earth Shakes!

  • Designed for a family audience
  • Funded by National Science Foundation (NSF)
  • Size: 1,200-1,400 sq.ft.
  • Rental Fee: $19,500 for 3-1/2+ months (includes on-site technician for set-up)
  • Shipping: 1 truck

  • Earthquakes occur every day.
  • The Earth’s surface is made up of tectonic plates that are always moving.
  • Plate tectonic boundaries are different from continental boundaries.
  • The constant shifting of tectonic plates causes earthquakes and tsunamis.
  • Many earthquakes are clustered around fault lines.
  • Earthquake engineers try to lessen the danger of earthquakes by using large-scale equipment to test and make our world safer.
  • You can match a seismogram by jumping on a platform. Refine your jumps and improve your score.
  • You can be an engineer as you build, test, and improve your designs:
    • Build a structure and test it on the Shake Table to see if stands up. Then improve your design to make it more earthquake-resistant.
    • Build a different structure, set it on the “beach” in the Tsunami Tank, and unleash a powerful wave. Replay the impact in slow-motion, and then improve your design to withstand even more powerful waves.

When The Earth Shakes
Fall 2021: Booked
Spring 2022: Booked
Summer 2022: Available
Fall 2022: Available
Spring 2023: Available
Summer 2023: Available
Fall 2023: Available

For additional information, contact Sharon Smallwood at ssmallwood@sciencenter.org or (607) 272-0600 ×128


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