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Sciencenter in the News


November 18. The Ithaca Journal. "Sciencenter has teacher open house"

November 13. Lansing Star. "Sciencenter Receives International Leading Edge Award"

November 11. The Ithaca Times. "Sciencenter Honored"

November 10. The Ithaca Journal Online. "Ithaca's Sciencenter Gets Second Industry Award"

October 30. The Ithaca Times. "Best Of Ithaca 2009"

October 20. The Ithaca Journal. "Spooky Science event slimes Sciencenter ahead of Halloween"

October 7. The Ithaca Journal. "Sciencenter Presents:Bodies in Motion"

September 11. The Ithaca Journal. "Leaf Rubbings at the Sciencenter"

August 24. Tompkins Weekly. "Asteroids Land on Ithaca's Planet Walk"

August 18. The Ithaca Journal. "Planet Walk Adds Meteorite"

August 17. WHCU. "Dave Vieser Interviews Charlie Trautmann, Sciencenter Executive Director, About Sagan Planet Walk Asteroid Station Dedication"

August 7. The Ithaca Journal. "Sciencenter to Display Meteorite"

August 7. The Ithaca Journal. "Camp Supports Youths Who Have Dealt with Cancer"

May 21. The Ithaca Journal Ticket. "Discover ‘A Garden of Gizmos’ at the Sciencenter"

May 21. The Ithaca Journal. Photo with caption: ‘A Garden of Gizmos’

May 20. Newschannel 34. Sofia Ojeda Interviews Sciencenter Educator John Alvarez del Castillo About Sciencenter Showtime! programs and ‘A Garden of Gizmos’

May 18-24. Tompkins Weekly. "‘A Garden of Gizmos’ at Sciencenter"

April 27. Drum-TV One Tank Trip Segment. "One Tank Trip to the Sciencenter"

April 6. The Ithaca Journal. "For the Love of Science—and a Good Splat. Egg Drop Contest Draws Another Big Crowd"

April 2. Syracuse Post-Standard. "Video of ‘Attack of the Bloodsuckers’ at the Sciencenter"

March 30. The Ithaca Journal. "Sciencenter Host NanoDay: Kids Get Big Kick Out of Small Scale"

Spring 2009. Exhibitionist. "Green Exhibitions Need Green Museums"

March 2. "Sciencenter Earth hour Experiment Kick-Off Event"

February 17. The Ithaca Journal. "Bloodsuckers Invade Ithaca's Sciencenter"

February. US Airways Magazine. "Business Outlook: Ithaca Economic Development"

January/February. ASTC Dimensions. "Where Everybody Knows Your Name"

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