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Sciencenter in the News


December 9. The Ithaca Journal. "Chamber Recognizes Cornell, Sciencenter"

November-December ASTC Dimensions. "The IGLO Toolkit: One-Stop Shopping for Climate Change Science"

October 11. The Ithaca Journal. "It's a Really Small World After All: Sciencenter Puts Big Focus on Little Things"

September. Ithaca Child. "Pluto Enters a New Orbit"

August 26. News 10 Now. "Making Adjustments With the News About Pluto"

August 31. WQNY QCountry 103.7 FM. Hear Mike Washburn, Wegmans Executive Chef, Gina Gera, Wegmans Service Manager, and Lara Litchfield-Kimber, Sciencenter Deputy Director, discuss how the partnership between the Sciencenter and the Ithaca Wegmans W-Kids Fun Center will benefit the community.

(file size: 1.5 Mb)

August 31. WYXL Lite Rock 97.3 FM. More information about the partnership between Sciencenter and the Ithaca Wegmans W-Kids Fun Center.

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August 26. News 10 Now. "Making Adjustments With the News About Pluto"

August 21. Cornell Chronicle. "Pataki brings $12 million for new accelerator to create world's brightest X-rays"

August 17. The Ithaca Journal. "Ithaca universe in state of flux" Establishing new planets may have far-reaching effects

August/September. Mother Earth News. "12 Great Places You've Never Heard Of"

August 3. "Time is Running out to See Tech City at the Sciencenter"

July 19. Ithaca Times. "Voice of the Spheres "Bill Nye Provides the Sciencenter's Planet Walk With a New Audio Tour

May 25. Finger Lakes Times - Get Up &Go! "Hands-on Science" Looking for a Day Trip? Sciencenter

May 24. Cornell Chronicle. "Cornell students help build a mini-golf putting green as a learning tool for preschoolers at Ithaca's Sciencenter"

Summer. Ithaca Parent & Teen. "Different Strokes: Galaxy Golf Offers Educational Amusement"

April 17. The Ithaca Journal. "Take off on your week off" There are plenty of day trips worth taking in county, Central New York

April 5. Ithaca Times. "Sciencenter Hosts 21st Annual Egg Drop"

April 3. The Ithaca Journal. "Waiting for the Egg to Drop"

March 29."Sciencenter's 21st Anniversary Egg Drop Challenges Inventors"

March 17."Sciencenter's Trautmann Named to International ASTC Board"

February 22-28. Ithaca Times. "Under the Sea" New Sciencenter Exhibit Allows Visitors to "Connect to the Ocean"

February 22. The Ithaca Journal. "Ithaca Inventor Honored at Sciencenter"

February 18. WHCU Morning NewsWatch. Dave Vieser interviews Lara Litchfield-Kimber, Deputy Director

(file size: 5 Mb)

February 9. WHCU Morning NewsWatch. Casey Stevens interviews Lara Litchfield-Kimber, Deputy Director, and Tom Prendergast, Exhibits Developer

Part 1 of interview (2.8 Mb)

Part 2 of interview (1.5 Mb)

February 1. The Ithaca Child. "Ocean View" Inside the Sciencenter's Newest Exhibition

January 11. The Ithaca Journal. "Get Your Hands Wet" Hands-on exhibit will allow visitors to touch unique underwater critters. Sciencenter attraction opens Feb. 18.

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