Turtle Travels



Rent the Exhibition "Turtle Travels"

This interactive exhibition offers a turtle's-eye view of life in the slow lane. Visitors follow a turtle's footprints on a life-sized (12' x 24') board game and explore firsthand what it's like to be a turtle facing habitat challenges.

In an upbeat, engaging manner the board game presents a serious environmental message: turtles face threats from habitat fragmentation, "subsidized predators" and the international pet trade. At each interactive station in the game, visitors learn what they can do to help protect turtles and their environment.

Beyond the board game, in the anatomy section of the exhibition, interactive exhibits show how a turtle's shells and feet are adapted to different environments. Visitors can flip out different feet of the "Swiss Army Turtle" and can build the bony arch that makes a turtle's shell strong.

Visitors can watch footage shot by a "CritterCam" attached to a loggerhead sea turtle or pose for a photograph as a Turtle Traveler or Turtle Tracker. In the reading area, graphics illustrate traditional turtle and tortoise stories told by cultures around the world. Turtle ottomans and travel trunk offer a place to rest and look through one of the many turtle-themed books.

Host museums that wish to display live turtles or tortoises can add their own tank(s) to allow visitors to get up close, nose to beak, with these fascinating reptiles.

Designed for a family audience.

Partners:Environmental Exhibit Collaborative (EEC!): EcoTarium, Worcester, Massachusetts; ECHO at the Leahy Center for Lake Champlain, Burlington, Vermont;

  • Rental Fee: $13,500
  • Size: 1,200- 1,800 sq.ft.
  • Shipping: fits in 1 semi-trailer (and can fit in a 17' x7' x7' drive-yourself rental truck) (renter pays inbound shipping)
  • Rental managed by Sciencenter