Turtle Travels



Program Materials

This Turtle Travels exhibit activity guide invites educators to share the many wonders of the turtle's world with children and their caregivers. Turtles have been walking and swimming on planet Earth for millions of years. They are well adapted to their natural environments and yet many species are struggling to survive.

The Turtle Travels exhibit investigates the intriguing adaptations of turtles while also addressing some of the dangers that they face in today's ever changing world. Habitat loss, the pet trade, and roads are causing aquatic and land turtle populations to decline at dramatic rates. Sea turtles face threats from fishing nets, poachers, and artificial lighting along nesting beaches. The activities in this guide aim to instill a sense of wonder in children, while also moving them to become turtle stewards. Amidst a world with so many turtle perils, it is important for our younger generations to harbor this sense of stewardship.

The guide is organized by theme and corresponds to the various exhibit components. For each theme, there is at least one activity provided. In addition, each topic has background information to better equip educators who are facilitating the presentations. The turtle activities are geared for children, grades K-5.

Foundation support for the Turtle Travels education guide generously provided by: Davis Family Foundation, Morton-Kelly Charitable Trust, Aristotle Fund, and the Roy A. Hunt Foundation

Educator Guide and Activities (K-3)

  • Introduction

  • General Turtle Activities & Information (Turtle Travels Scavenger Hunt & Turtle Lullaby)

  • Turtle Anatomy & Adaptations (Amazing Arches,Amazing Adaptations, & Taking a Look at Shells)

  • The Pet Trade (The Turtle Trade)

  • Sea Turtles (Sea Turtle Trek)

  • Wildlife Crossings (Turtle Crossings)

  • Scientific Turtle Tracking (Turtle Hunt)

  • Turtle Habitat (Have to Have a Habitat)

  • Stories & Crafts (Story Time and Puppets)

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