Turtle Travels



Exhibit Descriptions

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Entry Portal

Pose as a Turtle Traveler at the bus stop exhibit entry, complete with your spotted shell and red suitcase. Now you're ready to try life in the slow lane!

Life-Sized Board Game

Play a life-sized board game! Give the spinner a whirl to begin your turtle journey. Before you reach the finish line, visit each station to protect turtles from the hazards they face.

Game Station1: The Turtle Tunnel

Crawl through the turtle tunnel to reach the other side of the road safely.

Game Station2: Road Crossing Game

A turtle, deer, and other animals need your help to avoid the dangerous road. Use the hints to find the tunnel or bridge designed especially for each animal.

Game Station 3: House Development Interactive

Can you place the houses in this habitat so they won't interfere with the turtle's travels? Push the button to see all the places a turtle goes every year. Find a way for people and turtles to live in the same neighborhood.

Game Station 4: Subsidized Predator Station

Help keep the turtles and their eggs safe from predators!

  • Garbage Balance Game (front):
    Raccoons eat turtle eggs! Garbage and pet food left in our yards attract raccoons. Put away the garbage and help restore the balance between turtles and raccoons in your neighborhood.

  • Crow and Chipmunk (back):
    Did you know these animals are a danger to turtles? Both like living near people and will eat turtle eggs and baby turtles.

  • Raccoon & Garbage Diorama:
    This diorama catches a pair of raccoon thieves. They came to raid the garbage, but might stay to eat nearby turtle eggs.

Game Station 5: Pet Trade Station

Wild turtles are often captured for food, the pet trade, or for use in "medicines" and decorations. Learn how to be a responsible pet owner. Find out how you can protect turtles when you travel.

Turtle Shell Station

  • Build a turtle (front):
    Work with a partner to build the arch of a turtle's shell. A turtle's shell is shaped like a series of arches. That's why it's so strong!

  • Shaped for Success (back):
    Feel these turtle and tortoise models and figure out how the shape of a turtle's shell is suited for a particular lifestyle and environment.

Swiss Army Turtle

Flip out the feet of a Swiss Army Turtle to make an animal adapted to life in the desert, in a pond or at sea. Or use your imagination and make your own crazy mixed-up turtle.

Sea Turtle Video Theater

Watch a movie made by a turtle! This video was shot by a Crittercam strapped to the back of a wild loggerhead sea turtle. The beautiful footage serves a serious purpose: it is part of an 11-year research study of sea turtle populations.

Track the Turtle!

Can you find the hidden turtle? It has a real battery-powered transmitter on it, and you'll hear beeps as you move the antenna close. Turn the dial to move the turtle to a new hiding place. This same radio telemetry equipment is used by scientists who study how turtles live and travel.

Be a Turtle Tracker

Pose as a turtle tracker. This wildlife biologist and middle school student are real-life turtle trackers; they both use radio transmitters and equipment to find and study turtles.

Reading Area

Relax on a turtle seat and read your favorite turtle book. Approximately 20 non-fiction and cultural story books are stored in small trunks. Includes five large trunks for seating anywhere. (Optional flooring can be expanded up to 8'x10'.)

Turtle Tales from Around the World

Five illustrated panels show how turtles appear in creation stories and fables from cultures around the world. Discover the Native American thirteen-moon calendar in the patterns of a turtle shell, and more.