Turtle Travels



Book List

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Children's Picture Books

Arnosky, Jim. Turtle in the Sea
G.P. Putnam's Sons. ISBN 0399227571
This story chronicles the life of a sea turtle as she journeys to lay her eggs on a sandy shore.

Banks, Katie. The Turtle and the Hippopotamus
ISBN 0374378851
A story told in words and pictures about a turtle who is afraid to cross a river because there is a hippopotamus living in the middle. Although many of the turtle's friends try to help, she can only cross the river when she makes a new friend.

Bell, Lili. The Sea Maidens of Japan
Ideals Children's books. ISBN 1571020950
Kiyomi is a young girl in Japan learning to be an ama (the legendary sea maidens who dive deep into the ocean to harvest shellfish). One night Kiyomi watches the sea turtles come ashore to lay their eggs and finds herself identifying with the young hatchlings.

Buckley, Richard and Eric Carle. The Foolish Tortoise
Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing Division. ISBN 0689820585
This is the story of a foolish tortoise who sheds his shell in order to move around the world more quickly; only after a stormy adventure does he rediscover the comfort and protection of his shell.

Chrustowski, Rick. Turtle Crossing
Henry Holt & Company. ISBN 0-8050-7498-8
A realistic story about a painted turtle's journeys through the seasons. Along the way, the turtle crosses a road and a family helps her to the other side.

Davies, Nicola. One Tiny Turtle
Candlewick Press. ISBN 0763615498
This story follows a loggerhead sea turtle as she leaves the sea nursery where she was born and travels throughout the ocean before returning to the beach to lay eggs of her own.

Falwell, Cathryn. Turtle Splash! Countdown at the Pond
Harper Collins Publishers. ISBN 0060294639
Count along with turtles as they bask on logs and disappear into the water with a splash, along with each new surprising moment in the pond.

Fleming, Denise In the Small, Small Pond
Henry Holt and Company. ISBN 0805022643
The seasons are changing in the small pond. Splash along with a frog's eye view of the pond to see where all the turtles, ducks, minnows, and other pond creatures are going.

George, William T. Box Turtle at Long Pond
Greenwillow Books. ISBN 0688081843
Discover the natural wonders of the pond as a box turtle slowly moves through a day at Long Pond.

Guiberson, Brenda Z. Into the Sea
Henry Holt and Company. ISBN 0-8050-2263-5
This story follows the journey of a sea turtle from her nesting beach as a hatchling and back again as a nesting adult. Along the way she has a great many realistic obstacles to surmount. The illustrations in this book are beautiful.

Lewin, Ted. Nilo and the Tortoise
Scholastic Press. ISBN 0590960040
A young boy is stranded on the Galapagos Islands after his father's boat breaks down. He spends the night on the island with some amazing native animals, while waiting for his father to return.

Martin, Bill Jr. and Eric Carle. Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See?
Henry Holt and Company. ISBN 0805017585
Water Buffalo sees a spider monkey swinging and spider monkey sees a green sea turtle swimming. Who will the green sea turtle see in this tale of endangered species around the world?

Martin, Francesca. Clever Tortoise
Candlewick Press. ISBN 0763605069
This is a traditional African tale that explains how Clever Tortoise outwits an elephant and hippopotamus.

Pirotta, Saviour and Nilesh Mistry. Turtle Bay
Farrar, Straus and Giroux. ISBN 037437888
Two young children learn about Japanese sea turtles and other secrets of the sea from an old man.

Repchuk, Caroline. The Race
Chronicle Books. ISBN 0811835006
The classic Aesop fable is given a contemporary twist in The Race. This delightful retelling features rhyming text and an exciting race around the world.

Seuss, Dr. Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories
Random House. ISBN 0394800877
This is a Dr. Seuss classic about a turtle named Yertle who decides that he wants to be the ruler of all he can see.

Waddell, Martin. Hi Harry! The moving story of how one slow tortoise slowly made a friend.
Candlewick Press. ISBN 0763618020
A very slow tortoise named Harry is looking for someone to play with. While everyone around is moving too quickly, Harry takes the time to find a friend who moves along the same pace.

Traditional Tales

Bruchac, Joseph. Thirteen Moons on Turtle's Back: A Native American Year of Moons
The Putnam & Grosset Group. ISBN 0-698-11584-8
Thirteen poems and paintings, thirteen scales on turtle back, and thirteen full moons in a year come together in celebration of the changing seasons in this collection of Native American legends.

Bryan, Ashley Turtle Knows Your Name
ISBN 0-689-31578-3
In this tale from the West Indies, a boy is challenged by his grandmother to find out his real name. The boy does so with the help of a turtle.

Caduto, Michael J. Earth Tales from Around the World
Fulcrum Publishing. ISBN 1-55591-968-5
This is a compilation of stories drawn from more than forty countries around the world and organized by themes such as earth, animals, and wisdom. Features "the Tortoise and the Egrets" (Tibet) and "Turtle Returns the Gift" (Japan).

Caduto, Michael J. and Bruchac, Joseph. Keepers of the Earth, Native American Stories and Environmental Activities for Children
Fulcrum Publishing. ISBN 1-55591-385-7
This environmental classic teaches children respect and stewardship for the Earth and all living things. Features "The Earth on Turtle's Back" (Onondaga-Northeast Woodlands).

DeSpain, Pleasant. Eleven Turtle Tales.
August House. ISBN 0-874-388-4
This is a wonderful compilation of turtle tales from around the world. It is geared for ages 7-11.

Mollei, Tolowa M. Ananse's Feast: An Ashanti Tale
Clarion Books. ISBN 0395674026
The clever spider, Ananse, outwits Akye, the turtle, and enjoys a feast for himself. The clever turtle then has an underwater feast with its own clever surprise.

Sekaquaptewa, Emory and Pepper, Barbara. Coyote and Little Turtle
Clear Light publishers. ISBN 0-940666-84-7
This is a traditional Hopi tale based on a story by Hershel Talashoema where little turtle outsmarts coyote. Illustrated by Hopi children attending Hotevilla-Bacavi Community School on Third Mesa.

Children's Non-Fiction

Biel, Timothy. Turtles
Zoobooks/Wildlife Education. ISBN 1888153997
This book describes the physical characteristics, behavior, habitat, infancy, and future of turtles.

Cerullo, Mary M. Sea Turtles, Ocean Nomads
Dutton's Children's Books. ISBN 0525466495
This informational book presents photographs and facts about the physical characteristics, behavior, habitat, various species, and life cycle of sea turtles, along with a discussion of their endangered status.

Dennard, Deborah Turtles- Our Wild World
NorthWood Books for Young Readers. ISBN 1559718625
This resource provides detailed information on the life of turtles. For research or enjoyment, young readers will enjoy the fun facts and 25 full-color photographs that capture the physical details, actions, and environment of these captivating reptiles.

Ferri, Vincenzo. Turtles & Tortoises
Firefly Books Inc. ISBN 1552096319
This turtle reference book is designed for general readers and contains color photos as well as information on the physical, biological and zoological characteristics of turtles. The current conservation status of most of the world's species is also discussed.

Hirschi, Ron. Turtle's Day
Dutton's Books. ISBN 0525651721
This book provides brilliant full-page color photographs. Readers will feel that they are following a box turtle along its journeys. This is a fine accompaniment to William George's Box Turtle at Long Pond.

Jay, Lorraine. Sea Turtles- Our Wild World
NorthWood Press. ISBN 155971467
All seven species of sea turtles are described and pictured in this book. This is part of a new children's series on animal species around the world.

Lasky, Katheryn. Interrupted Journey
Candlewick Press. ISBN 0763606359
This story begins with a 10 year old boy who finds a turtle in distress on a Cape Cod beach. Clear photos show the story of the team of veterinarians, marine biologists, and volunteers who save the life of this Kemp's ridley turtle.

Ripple, Jeff. Sea Turtles
Voyageur Press, Inc. ISBN 0896583155
Sea turtle characteristics and conservation efforts are covered in this resource. Millions of sea turtles once roamed the earth's oceans. Profiled here are every species of sea turtle from the loggerhead to the leatherback. More than 60 wonderful photographs capture these fascinating creatures under water and on land.

Steffoff, Rebecca. Giant Turtle
Benchmark Books. ISBN 06140121
Color photos of turtles abound in this book. Described are physical characteristics, habitats, and behaviors of a variety of large turtles, including the green sea turtle, leatherback and Galapagos tortoise.