Treehouses: Look Who's Living in the Trees



Floor Plan

Flexible Layout

The two treehouse platforms and bridge are connected together. The layout for the ramps, stairs, and Crow’s Nest is very flexible.

  • The upper ramp section and Crow’s Nest can come from most sides of TreeHouse A
  • The lower ramp section can come from any side of the mezzanine
  • The two-step access can come from any side of TreeHouse B
  • There is an optional straight connector that can be used in place of the mezzanine to make a long, straight ramp.

To inquire about other layout configurations, contact Robin Burlingham, Traveling Exhibitions Manager, by e-mail or call 607.272.0600, ext. 28.

Downloadable Floor Plan

Download Overall Floor Plan as PDF


Download Tree House Floor Plan as Word Doc


Please Note: The numbers 1, 2, and 3 refer to the order of assembly.