Tech City



Rent the Exhibition "Tech City"

If your museum is looking for fun, high quality, durable and educational exhibitions, look no further!

Tech City, is a traveling 3,000 sq. ft. exhibition that includes fun, interactive stations where visitors solve the kind of real-world problems that engineers face. The exhibits present an engineering approach that includes opportunities for designing, building, testing and modifying.

Engineering is a part of our daily lives from buildings to bridges and from highway traffic to internet traffic. Visitors who enter Tech City will learn about the engineering process of designing, building, testing, and modifying.

The exhibition promotes engineering as a problemsolving process and encourages youth to consider a career in engineering, especially women and those from underrepresented minority groups.

Tech City features 12 exhibits comprised of 20 activity stations and uses urban styling, including park benches and city-style banners. The exhibits present challenges that can be readily solved using an engineering approach. With hands-on activities, multi-media computers, and a video, the exhibition appeals to a wide variety of learning styles. Exhibits are designed to include activities for both younger and older museum visitors.