Tech City



What is Engineering?

Engineering is a part of our daily lives from buildings to bridges and from highway traffic to internet traffic. Visitors who enter Tech City will learn about the engineering process of designing, building, testing, and modifying. The exhibition promotes engineering as a problem-solving process and encourages youth to consider a career in engineering, especially women and those from underrepresented minority groups.

Engineering is a process

It's a way to design solutions to real-world problems. It involves everything from buildings to cars to toasters to satellites to agriculture, and more. In fact, it's hard to do or use anything that isn't a product of engineers.

Engineers work under constraints

While trying to meet a goal, engineers always face limitations, called constraints. Often cost is a constraint. Others include: materials, location, aesthetics, time, and politics.

Engineers have a method

Loosely defined, engineers use these steps to solve problems:

  1. Define the problem
  2. Design a solution
  3. Test the solution
  4. Evaluate the solution
  5. If the solution isn't acceptable, the process repeats. Once complete, the last step is to: Communicate the solution to those who need to know

Everyone can be an engineer

You can use the engineering method in daily life -- and not just to design a building. Think about the five steps the next time you create a menu, decide on a school-budget vote, or plan your next vacation.