Tech City



Exhibit Descriptions

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Tech City features 12 exhibits comprised of 20 activity stations and uses urban styling, including park benches and city-style banners. The exhibits present challenges that can be readily solved using an engineering approach. With hands-on activities, multi-media computers, and a video, the exhibition appeals to a wide variety of learning styles. Exhibits are designed to include activities for both younger and older museum visitors.


Welcome to Tech City! As you pass by the Tech City skyline, meet diverse engineers as kids and adults, and discover what they have accomplished in their careers. How about you?

Separation Station

Visitors can "clean" the water with this hydraulic system using filters to separate plastic beads that differ in size and density.

Tech City Diner

Find out how you can apply the engineering method to non-engineering tasks, such as menu design. (Two stations.)

Catch the Wind

Design a landscaping environment to protect a park on a windy lake shore. Small bubbles from an air-flow visualization system allow you to "see" the air flow around the trees and objects you put inside the wind tunnel.

Traffic Jam

Use computers to optimize traffic flow by adjusting the timing of traffic lights at several intersections. (Two stations.)

Dam the Creek

Prevent the creek from flooding Tech City by building a gravity dam using metal blocks. Two copies of this popular exhibit are included so visitors can all have a try!


Design and build structures, then test the results against earthquake forces on the shake table. Which structures stand up to earthquakes? (Two shake tables.)

Build a Bridge

Use an interactive program to design a bridge, then experiment at a model bridge "build and test" station. Walk across three 2.4 meter-long bridges with different levels of sag.

Design the Plaza

Experience the trade-offs between cost and aesthetics while creating patterns for the Tech City plaza using geometric tiles in this visual/tactile design station.

Ask an Engineer Video

Narrated by youth, this fast-paced 7-minute video features diverse engineers showing several exciting ways that engineers touch our lives.

Sound Studio

Experiment with sound engineering and produce your own recordings using sound effects. Record three individual tracks and play them back simultaneously! (Two stations.)

Play Zone

Area for younger visitors includes two train tracks and a ball-sorting activity.

Banners on Lampposts

Four lampposts with double-sided banners provide an introduction to the engineering process and examples of six different real-life engineering challenges.