Sonic Sensation: Experience our sonic world



Exhibit Descriptions

Download the Exhibit Descriptions in Portable Document Format (PDF)

Entry Piece

Explore our sonic world and the sensation of being surrounded by everyday sounds. Strike panels of various woods and metals to hear their different sounds.

Scream Chamber

Step into a soundproof chamber and let out a roar! A partner reads the decibel meter on the outside. Compare your decibels to other animal sounds on a chart. Are you as loud as a howler monkey? The competition gets fierce and funny!

Seeing Sound

Adjust frequency and amplitude knobs to drive the big speakers at each end of a clear tube. Watch the contents of the tube "dance" in all kinds of interesting patterns!

Invisible Orchestra

Wave in the air and dance on a carpet to play notes. A camera overhead shows you on the monitor. Move your hands and feet into the motion-sensing zones to play different sounds. Make several zones sound at once!

Critters in a Cupboard

Hide the "cat" or "cricket" in a kitchen cupboard and ask a partner to find it by listening only. No peeking!

Hearing Test

Listen to different pitches. What frequencies can you hear with your right ear? Left ear? Record your results on a chart.

Measuring Sounds

Tap a xylophone to try different notes. The display will show you their frequencies.

How Do We Hear?

What's inside your ear? Find out with this large-scale ear model. Launch a billiard ball to show how sound hitting our eardrums sends signals to our brain.

Ear This! (Giant Ears Graphic)

Put your best face forward. How do you look with the ears of an elephant? How about a bat? Fun family photo op!

Match the Sound

Shake a container and listen to the sound. Can you find the other container with the matching sound? Flip up the doors to see if you heard correctly.

Create a Soundtrack

Add sounds as a movie plays. Train whistling, ducks quacking, cows mooing--what sounds good?

Sound Words (Reading Area)

Relax on a music-themed carpet and learn about sound and hearing through books geared toward a range of ages.

High Pitch, Low Pitch

Hit the colored bells on a rotating turntable. Can you sort them into high and low pitches? Flip up the doors to see how you did.

Protect Your Hearing

See examples of different kinds of hearing protection. What happens if you don't protect your hearing?

Indoor Gallery Banners

Three 6' tall Sonic Sensation banners add extra eye-catching elements in your gallery.

Three-sided Acoustic Exhibit Partitions

Two sets of three-sided acoustic partitions help absorb sounds created by the exhibits, and provide a more intimate space in which visitors can interact with the exhibits.