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Families, teachers and other professionals are invited to use and share our hands-on activities guides and professional materials. The Sciencenter will continuously add relevant information to this page.

Resources for Museum Professionals

Collaborative for Early Science Learning

Resources to support museums partnering with local Head Start programs to provide teacher professional development and family engagement focusing on early childhood science.

Resources to organize and lead Head Start teacher professional development.

Key Components of Professional Development for Head Start Teachers


Additional Resources

A collection of activities for parents, caregivers, and educators to use with children. These activities may be used in a variety of settings, including family engagement events, professional development workshops, in the classroom, and at home.

Activity Guides (Birth to 3 years old)

Activity Guides (3 to 5 years old)

Museum Tools

You may freely download and customize any of the tools below. Documents are in MS-Word format, unless otherwise noted. Please send corrections or suggestions for additional tools to

High-Impact Hiring

Orientation for Long-Term Success

Staff Handbook

Managing the Team to Reach Its Potential

Planning and Evaluation


Resources for Kids & Families

Baggie Reactions

Puff up sandwich baggies using simple chemical reactions!

Baking Bread

Make fresh bread and explore the chemical action of yeast!

Black Bean Indicator

Use a natural indicator to test acids and bases!

Bounce an Egg

Can you drop an egg without breaking it?


Look for a flash when you chew Wint-o-Green mints!

Gummy Worms

Make gooey, slimy worms!

Ice Cream

It’s easy to make ice cream in a bag!

Kitchen Chemistry

Learn about food through chemistry.

Magnetic Cereal

Attract iron-fortified cereal with a magnet!


What is this stuff – solid or liquid?

Plant Power

How do plants control chemical reactions?

Popping Candy

Will your stomach explode if you drink soda while eating popping rock candy?

Red Cabbage Paper

Use a vegetable indicator to test acids and bases!

Root Beer

Make your own soda pop!

See Vitamin C

Which foods have vitamin C?

Smelly Balloons

Sniff out the scents hidden inside balloons.

Soda Fountain

Make a jet of soda pop that shoots into the air!

Starch Test

Use iodine to test for starch.

Volcano Candy

Use a chemical reaction to make a foamy candy!

Resources for Educators

Sciencenter field trips include educational program materials available for download.

For more information please visit our dedicated Group Visits and Class Trips page.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Make and test atmospheric gases in zipper baggies.

Acids and Bases Around the House

Use a pH indicator to find acids and bases.

A Grain of Salt

Figure out just how much salt is in your food.

How Sweet It Is

Wow, there’s a lot of sugar in drinks!

Pure Water

Take muddy water and make it clean!

Rainbow in a Tube

Use a pH indicator to create a chemical rainbow.

What’s in the Bottle

Use chemistry to identify a mystery liquid.

Resources for Scientists & Researchers

Saturday Showtime! is an opportunity for families to meet a real person engaged in science; learn first-hand about cool science topics; and take part in hands-on, interactive activities. The Sciencenter is always looking for members of our community to share their passion for science. If you are interested in volunteering at a Showtime! please contact Michelle Kortenaar, Director of Education, at or (607) 272-0600 × 124.

Broader Impacts Solutions for NSF Proposals

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