Ocean Bound: Embark on a journey through your watershed



Ocean Bound!

Ocean Bound!

Embark on a journey through watersheds to see how everyone's actions affect our ocean. Interact with a 3-D watershed model, pilot a full-size two-station "submersible" from mountain stream to ocean, guide "water" safely through a hazardous maze, divert "pollutants" as they travel through stormwater drains, and enjoy early childhood exhibits inside the Riverside Clubhouse.

What can YOU do in your watershed to protect our ocean? Find out in Ocean Bound!

  • Designed for: a family audience.
  • Funded by: NOAA
  • Size: 2,700 sq.ft.
  • Rental Fee: $52,500 for 3-1/2 months
  • Shipping: fits in 2 semi-trailers
For information about renting "Ocean Bound!", please contact Robin Burlingham by email or phone at 607-272-0600 ext. 28.