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It’s a Nano World

Amazing things happen at the nanoscale. Zoom into your own skin and hair! Measure your height in nanometers. Separate cells in giant Cell Sorters! Play giant DNA, dust and germ pinball! Jump into the Giant Blood Drop and find the white blood cells!

  • Designed for children 5-8 years old and families
  • Funded by: NSF
  • Partner: Nanobiotechnology Center, Cornell University
  • Size: 3,000 sq. ft.
  • Minimal storage required
  • Rental Fee: $45,000 for 3-1/2+ months
  • Shipping: 2 trucks

Please contact Erica Washburn at ericawashburn@sciencenter.org to view this video.

For Children (5-8 years old)
  • Amazing things happen that are too small to see with just your eyes.
  • Scientists and kids can use tools to observe these small things.
  • Small things are made up of even smaller pieces.
  • There are many small things inside my body.
  • Nano is really, really small.
  • Create a context for future learning about Nanobiotechnology.

For Adults and Older Children
  • Scientists can interact with small things and are developing tiny tools to help my body.
  • I can understand relative sizes of different small things.
  • What scientists are doing is related to things I have already experienced.
  • I want to find out more about Nanobiotechnology.

For sale pricing, please contact Sharon Smallwood at (607) 272-0600 ×128.


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