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Ocean and Other Science Links

Shoals Marine Lab
Operating under the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University in cooperation with the University of New Hampshire in Durham, the Shoals Marine Laboratory offers a unique opportunity for students to experience marine science. Shoals Marine Lab is located on Appledore Island, Isles of Shoals in the Gulf of Maine.

Monterey Bay Aquarium - Seafood Watch Program
Learn which seafood to buy and why. The Seafood Guide provided by the Monterey Bay Aquarium can help you make choices that are good for you and for the oceans.

Monterey Bay Aquarium - Conservation and Research Programs
Read about a wide array of conservation research programs supported and conducted by the Monterey Bay Aquarium to generate the scientific findings essential to making sound ocean policy decisions.

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) - Ocean Explorer
Ocean photo and video gallery

CCMR's Ask a Scientist!
The Cornell Center for Materials Research, in partnership with The Ithaca Journal, provide a medium where children's science questions are answered by top scientists.

CNN Science & Space
Learn interesting facts about science and space covering a broad range of topics.

EarthWatch Institute
Earthwatch Institute is an international nonprofit organization which supports scientific field research worldwide and offers you the opportunity to work side by side with distinguished field scientists.

How Stuff Works
How Stuff Works is an online magazine that explains in plain English how things work--everything from light sabers to refrigerators to hurricanes. Browse though the list of articles, organized by subject, or search for the topic that interests you most.

Living On Earth
Sound Journalism for the Planet.

NEEDS - The National Engineering Education Delivery System
A digital library for engineering education.

Newton: Ask a Scientist
Send and receive E-mail from experts, on just about anything!

Basic data and an image of the atomic structure.

Very comprehensive, includes very detailed write ups, basic nuclide data, and extensive graphics.

SciCentr is the online science museum of the Cornell Theory Center (CTC), a high-performance computing and interdisciplinary research center at Cornell University.

Science Friday
Science and Technology News

Science Nuggets
Each Issue, we pan for the "gold", and collect the most exciting findings, discoveries, and breakthroughs from the cutting-edge of science.

Seeing, Hearing, and Smelling the World
Everything that we learn has to first be perceived by the senses and then interpreted by the brain. What is the biology behind the learning? From the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, this site explains how the brain sees, hears, and smells.

Women in Science
Girls and young women who wish to pursue careers in science can feel isolated by their interests. Here they can find inspiration by reading biographies of past and present female scientists or by contacting a female scientist to inquire about her field.

U.S. Geological Survey
Science for a changing world.

Cornell Outdoor Education
Cornell Outdoor Education uses challenge, adventure, and outdoor experiences, with reflection and analysis, to help individuals and teams learn and grow.