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Links for Children

Bill Nye, The Science Guy
The Science Guy has his own Web site where students can conduct experiments from the popular television show, or e-mail The Science Guy a question.

Teachers, find Episode Guides in the "Teachers’ Lounge."

HHMI Kids Science Pages
Cool Science for Curious Kids

NASA: Global Climate Change
NASA's Global Climate Change site, which won the 2010 People's Voice Award for science, and the 2011 judges’ award for best science site.

NASA: The Space Place
The Space Place is a NASA website for elementary school-aged kids, their teachers, and their parents.

NASA & NOAA: SciJinks
SciJinks is a sister website to The Space Place. SciJinks (for "Science Hijinks") is designed for middle school students and features games, videos, and amazing facts about Earth’s mild weather and other Earth science and technology topics.

NASA & NOAA: SciJinks - Tornadoes
Do tornadoes just appear out of nowhere with no warning? From all the lives they have taken and destruction they have caused, you might think so. But, no. Weather forecasters see them shaping up in weather satellite images and try to warn people as early as possible. Find out more about tornadoes and how NASA and NOAA plan to even further extend the time people will have to take shelter.

Science Fair Central
If your budding Marie Curie or Albert Einstein is having difficulty dreaming up a project for a science fair, stop by "Science Fair Central." The "Project Ideas" section has questions that can inspire even the most unmotivated student. A handbook tells students what a science project is and how to create an award-winning project.

Science Friday Video Pick of the Week
See new videos from National Public Radio’s award-winning "Science Friday" every week right here on the Sciencenter website. Hosted by veteran science correspondent Ira Flatow, "Science Friday" is a weekly discussion of the latest news in science, health and technology.

Educational site using computer simulations. For grades K-12.