It's a Nano World



Learning Goals

The visitor learning goals will guide the selection of all exhibition concepts and design:

For Children (5-8 years old)

  • Amazing things happen that are too small to see with just your eyes.
  • Scientists and kids can use tools to observe these small things.
  • Small things are made up of even smaller pieces.
  • There are many small things inside my body.
  • Nano is really really small.
  • Lay the groundwork and create a context for future learning about Nanobiotechnology.

For Adults and Older Children

  • Scientists can interact with small things and they are developing tiny things to help my body.
  • Relative size of different small things.
  • Relate what scientists do to things Iíve already experienced.
  • Inspire curiosity and want to know more about Nanobiotechnology.

Target Audience

The target audience for this traveling exhibition is 5 to 8 year-old children (Kindergarten through Third Grade). Children in this age range typically have little exposure to these topics in school or at home.

This will be an introduction to the nano world, and will provide a groundwork upon which visitors can build with future experiences.