It's a Nano World



Exhibit Descriptions

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Enter into the nano world through this large archway. This area introduces the term nanobiotechnology and the ladybug-with-a-magnifying-glass icon that appears throughout the exhibition.

Look Closer! Can You Guess What I Am?

View highly magnified photographs of familiar objects and uncover photos with decreasing levels of magnification until an easily recognizable item is revealed.

Powers of Ten Film

Watch a modified version of the Powers of Ten film by Ray and Charles Eames. This mesmerizing journey takes viewers from a view of the earth from outer space all the way down into a human hand, and then down to the molecular level.

How Many Nanometers Tall Are You?

Measure your height using the height slider. Are you over 1,000,000,000 nanometers tall (40")?

Cell Sorters

Stick your hand into a "glove box" and use special tools to separate out different "cells" based on their physical properties. Sort the balls that look identical but have different invisible properties. Do they glow under an ultraviolet "black" light? Stick to magnets?

Giant Magnifying Glass

Visitors look through either of two giant magnifying lenses to see each other and objects across the room in more detail.

Magnification Station

Use magnifying glasses of varying strengths to look at shells, cloth, rocks, and more.

Scope on a Rope

Discover amazing details of your own skin, hair, clothing, and more with these hand-held video microscopes. One microscope magnifies at 30x, the other at 200x. You'll be surprised at what you see!

Cells in Motion and Tiny Tools Videos

This theater environment places you in the midst of a world of living, moving cells and then shows how scientists study them. Cells in Motion and Tiny Tools play one in a loop.

What's My Job?

Test and reinforce your knowledge of vocabulary and functions of various small things including germs, DNA, and different types of cells.

How Big Am I?

Compare the size of blood cells, a girl, a shoe, DNA, and an elephant in this matching game.

Adventures in Tiny Things

Some tiny things such as germs, dust, and pollen can have a big effect on your body. Play three different pinball-style games:

  • Germ Launcher

  • Pollen Pinball

  • Dust Tippy Table

Giant Blood Drop

Jump into a domed tent full of thousands of red plastic balls. The tent represents a drop of blood and each ball represents a red blood cell. Find the one or two fluffy "white blood cells."

Scale Gallery

Spin parts of the collage to see and learn about microscopic entities at 10,000x life size: red blood cells, white blood cells, nerve cells, skin cells, bacteria, viruses, DNA and computer chips.