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Group Visits and Class Trips

The Sciencenter is the perfect place for a group, camp, or school field trip! We offer a fun, memorable, and educational experience for kids, teachers, and chaperones alike. You can make the most of your visit by choosing the package that works best for you: a basic self-guided museum experience – or enrich your visit with an interactive educational program. Small groups may also want to consider a stroll on our Sagan Planet Walk.

Enrich your Visit:

To enrich your museum visit, choose an interactive educational program on a variety of science topics. The approximate duration for each program is 45 minutes and they can be adapted to fit the needs of your students.

Visit the ocean… right here in the Finger Lakes!

We are all connected to the ocean! In this program students participate in an interactive presentation to explore the importance of the ocean to life on earth. Students then have the opportunity to explore ocean life through touch at our live animal Touch Tank exhibit.

NGSS Themes: Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems (K, 2, 3), Structure, Function, and Information Processing (1, 4), Matter and Energy in Organisms and Ecosystems (5)

Why do magnets only attract some objects?

Students engage in a variety of hands-on activities to investigate the properties of magnetism. Younger students predict the magnetic behavior of various objects.

NGSS Themes: Forces and Interactions (K, 3)

Want to get messy with science?

Students will learn about states of matter and non-Newtonian fluids as they make observations about various substances, classifying them as a solid, liquid or gas. Students then investigate Oobleck, a strange substance that defies the classification standard.

NGSS Themes: Matter and its Interactions (K), Structures and Properties of Matter (2)

How WILL we power our future?

Students will work on an engineering challenge to develop their own windmill while learning about renewable energy and climate change. Power the Future! also includes interactive discussions of where energy comes from and ways we can reduce our environmental impact.

NGSS Themes: Structures and Properties of Matter (2), Energy (4), Earth’s Systems (5)

This program requires a minimum of 45-minutes per group and can accommodate a maximum of 24 students in a group. Please allow enough time for this program during your trip to the Sciencenter.

How do simple machines help us in our daily life?

Students will use levers to investigate the differences in force applied when using simple machines. Working in teams, students, will investigate how levers work while recording and sharing their data.

NGSS Themes: Forces and Interactions (3), Energy (4)

How DO airplanes fly?

Students will engage in hands-on activities and demonstrations to investigate the properties of air. By working in teams and sharing observations, students learn that air exerts pressure and takes up space, even though we can’t see it.

Where does sound come from?

Students will engage in hands-on activities focused on light and sound waves. Based on their observations, they predict the behavior of sound and light in a variety of situations. The group will then test those predictions while focusing on the curious behavior of reflection, refraction and diffraction.

Sagan Planet Walk (Grades K-12)

Questions and Reservations:

For more information about group visits, class trips, and reservations, please contact Josh Giblin, Director of Guest Relations and Operations, at (607) 272-0600 ×116, by email at, or by completing the following form:


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