From Here to There



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Overview of "From Here to There"


Operate an authentic canal lock system as you move your boat through different water levels.


Discover how simple machines help move things in this bead-pit construction site. Using ramps, buckets, and scoops, children can lift and load beads into a dump truck and move the loads around! This exhibit is designed to appeal to toddlers and preschoolers.

Set Sail

Glide sailboats through the water by changing the rudder and sail positions. Change the wind direction for a new challenge as you try to reach the next port.


Sit down, settle in and fly through the air on this amazing hovercraft. Ride on a cushion of air that lets you twist, turn, and travel with ease across the floor.

  • Mini Hovercraft: Accompanying interactive component lets you explore how air pressure makes a hovercraft work.

Up, Up, and Away

Turn up the heat to help this beautiful balloon take to the skies.

Wing Thing

See how changing air flow affects the movement of wings. Challenge yourself to see if you can make the wing more stable or make it hover in one place. Create your own experiments to make the wing flutter, float, or soar.

Give It a Lift

Experiment with different forms of mechanical advantage as you lift identical weights using hydraulics, levers, pneumatics, and pulleys. Try each one to see how it makes your work easier!

  • pulleys
  • levers
  • pneumatics
  • hydraulics


Discover how trains float in the air and travel at amazing speeds through magnetic levitation. Explore the potential of transportation using magnetic forces, and decide for yourself if this is the future of travel.

Air Tubes

Send colored balls through tubes from one place to another in a rushing channel of air. Watch balls zoom and snake through the exhibition gallery, going up the walls and over your head to your friends at the other station.

Feel the Friction

Experience the forces that effect how things move across land, and water. Try moving different weights across dirt, along train tracks, or through the water. Which one takes less effort?

  • a boat on water
  • a train on tracks
  • a cart on a rough road

Start Your Engines!

Explore the inside of important machines that do everything from power our cars and airplanes to lawnmowers and snowblowers.