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Wicked Plants: The Exhibit

Fall/Winter Exhibition


Be entertained, alarmed, and enlightened as you walk through the halls of a ramshackle manor and experience the dangerous world of plants. Wicked Plants explores some of nature’s most toxic flora and fauna. Two – and three – dimensional interactives fill a Victorian-era home, where visitors travel from room to room and learn about various poisonous plants that may be lurking in their homes and backyards.

Showcasing more than 100 different plants, Wicked Plants provides a comprehensive overview of an often unknown side of the natural world. From a crime scene investigation in the potions laboratory, to sniffing stations in the bathroom, to a simulated graveyard featuring some of the most common deadly and toxic plants, this fun-filled, family-friendly exhibit gives you a safe, hands-on experience with some of the world’s most gruesome botanicals.

This exhibition was created by the North Carolina Arboretum.


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