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Reinvention Station

A Creative Reuse Area

Sponsored by the Tompkins County Solid Waste Division

This exhibition encourages visitors to reduce waste whenever possible and provides information about local reuse, recycling and disposal facilities.

Crafts Area

The crafts area inspires children to engage in creative ways to dream up weird and wonderful creations with recycled materials such as clean, dry yogurt cups, egg cartons, corks, string, cardboard and wire.

Complete list of acceptable materials that can be donated to the Sciencenter.


Waste Reduction Exhibits

In addition to the Reinvention Station, the museum features several other exhibits on waste reduction.

The Waste Reduction Columns show how waste can be easily reduced by choosing durable and reusable products.  Comparisons include disposable coffee cups versus a reusable travel mug, a cloth kitchen towel compared with crumpled paper towels, and a no-waste lunch compared with disposable “lunchable” containers.