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Interactive Exhibits

Enjoy more than 250 hands-on exhibits throughout the museum and our outdoor Emerson Science Park! Below is just a sample of our exhibits enjoyed by thousands of guests every year.


Use rubber ducks to explore hydraulics and civil engineering. Slide colorful gates into the narrow channels to discover how it changes the water flow and see concepts like undertow and hydraulic jump in action.

Bernoulli Blower

Suspend a beach ball in an airstream and change the angle of the blower. The upwards flow of the air keeps the ball airborne, while the effect of air pressure keeps the ball in the airstream even when the blower is tilted.

Ball Machine "Quantum's Last Leap"

A two-story kinetic sculpture designed by George Rhoads and fabricated by Bob McGuire at Rock Stream Studios in Ithaca, NY. This sculpture is one of the largest and most complex sculptures designed by Rhoads.

Dam the Creek

Build a gravity dam using metal blocks and prevent the creek from flooding.

Musical Soundscape

Trigger an array of sounds as you traverse our interactive stairway.

Earthquake Table

Test your engineering skills by building a structure on top of our earthquake table. Once finished, see how strong it is by creating earthquakes of various intensities! This is just one of many earthquake exhibits.

How Many is a Million?

Turning these gears will make you realize how large one million is! Will you be the one who shatters the goblet after a million turns?

More Exhibits to Explore at the Sciencenter

Don't miss our ever-popular musical exhibits such as the Slap Organ and Pan Pipes; electrifying exhibits including Jacob's Ladder and Power Generator; and numerous mind-boggling Puzzles and Optical Illusions. Explore the past with our Triceratops, Geological Time Scale, Fossils and a large Meteorite; and experience Mirrors and Magnets as you never have before.