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Sciencenter Exhibits for Sale

Is your museum looking to add something new?  Many of the Sciencenter's most popular educational exhibits are available for sale.  Tested and built to last, these exhibits continue to bring new, educational and entertaining experiences to our visitors; we can build one for your museum too! 

The Sciencenter can also re-create components from any of the Sciencenter-built traveling exhibitions. For more information, please contact Kathy Krafft, Traveling Exhibitions Curator, at 607-272-0600 x25 or by email.

How Many is a Million?

While learning about the concept of large numbers, visitors can turn a wheel to continue your museum’s ongoing quest to reach one million. On the one millionth turn, a glass goblet located in the exhibit will smash. Each gear is labeled “ones,” “tens”, “hundreds,” etc., with the numbers 0 to 9 on them, so visitors can see how many times the gears have been turned.

Price: $14,500 plus shipping

Musical Soundscape

A video-based system that turns a stairway, lobby or other public space into an engaging, interactive exhibit. Visitors walking through the space trigger a variety of sounds to create an ever-changing landscape.

Price: $18,900 plus shipping
(includes computer, video camera, audio system, and cabinetry)