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Sciencenter Exhibits for Sale

Is your museum looking to add something new?  Many of the Sciencenter's most popular educational exhibits are available for sale.  Tested and built to last, these exhibits continue to bring new, educational and entertaining experiences to our visitors; we can build one for your museum too! 

Dam the Creek

Visitors can learn first-hand the relationship between cost and risk associated with using dams to prevent flooding. This exhibit consists of a giant rectangular trough with water flowing from one end to the other. By piling up small aluminum bricks, visitors make a dam. Without enough bricks, the dam breaks apart as the water level steadily rises. A water filter system is housed in the removable headwater cabinet. A 50-gallon water tubs rests on the floor under waterway.

Price: $19,750 plus shipping

Harmonograph (Swinging Art)

Visitors can create a piece of art to take home by using two side-by-side pendulums. Like a snowflake, no two drawings are alike. One pendulum holds paper while the other holds a pen. Start the pendulums swinging; then lower the pen and watch your pattern develop on paper. Exhibit includes robust gimbal mechanism.

Price: $11,500 plus shipping,
Price without cabinetry: $ 6,900 plus shipping

Spin Art

Visitors will use spinning motion to create colorful pictures in this industrial strength tabletop activity. Experiment with squirting paint as you turn the wheel. Designed for heavy usage, thousands of visitors will be able to create one of a kind souvenirs made in this easy to use, durable exhibit. Very popular for off-site events and demonstration areas.

Price: $975 plus shipping

How Many is a Million?

While learning about the concept of large numbers, visitors can turn a wheel to continue your museum’s ongoing quest to reach one million. On the one millionth turn, a glass goblet located in the exhibit will smash. Each gear is labeled “ones,” “tens”, “hundreds,” etc., with the numbers 0 to 9 on them, so visitors can see how many times the gears have been turned.

Price: $14,500 plus shipping

Musical Soundscape

A video-based system that turns a stairway, lobby or other public space into an engaging, interactive exhibit. Visitors walking through the space trigger a variety of sounds to create an ever-changing landscape.

Price: $18,900 plus shipping
(includes computer, video camera, audio system, and cabinetry)

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