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Climate Change Toolkit

Four Portable Self-Guided Exhibits Kits (Discovery Boxes)

These self-guided science kits use four hands-on activities per kit to explore how climate change is affecting the forest, ocean, urban, and atmosphere environments. Each kit can be packaged in a small bag or box and bundled together with an activity map box for check-out by families in an informal education setting.

1. Climate Change Affects the Atmosphere

CO2 The Invisible Gas

Carbon Dioxide Tips the Climate Scales

Lets Make Molecules

The Cloud Conundrum

2. Climate Change Affects the Arctic and Ocean Environment

Earth Reflects

Build A Shell

Plankton, Polar Bears and People

How Fast Will It Melt?

3. Climate Change Affects the Forest

Trees: Long Term CO2 Storage

Tree Ring Science

The Puzzling Golden Toad

Fossil Fuels From the Forest

4. Your Choices Affect Climate Change

What's a Watt

Is It Really Trash

Solar Powered Cooling

Human Powered Electricity

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