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Kitchen Chemistry Summer Camp Framework

Summer camp framework, including guides for all activities

Individual Guides included in the Kitchen Chemistry Summer Camp Framework:

Baggie Reactions

Puff up sandwich baggies using simple chemical reactions

Baking Bread

Make fresh bread and explore the chemical action of yeast

Black Bean Indicator

Use a natural indicator to test acids and bases

Bounce an Egg

Can you drop an egg without breaking it?


Look for a flash when you chew Wint-O-Green mints!

Gummy Worms

Make gooey, slimy worms

Ice Cream

It's easy to make ice cream in a bag

Magnetic Cereal

Attract iron-fortified cereal with a magnet


What is this stuff - solid or liquid?

Plant Power

How do plants control chemical reactions?

Popping Candy

Will your stomach explode if you drink soda while eating Pop Rocks?

Red Cabbage Paper

Use a vegetable indicator to test acids and bases

Root Beer

Make your own soda pop

See Vitamin C

Which foods have Vitamin C?

Smelly Balloons

Sniff out the scents hidden inside balloons

Soda Fountain

Make a jet of soda pop that shoots into the air

Starch Test

Use iodine to test for starch

Volcano Candy

Use a chemical reaction to make foamy candy