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Chemistry Challenge

Carrying Charges

Can you make a solution that conducts electricity to make the buzzer buzz?
Download Activity: Carrying Charges (PDF)

Changing Colors

Can you make the solution go from clear to yellow to blue, then back to clear?
Download Activity: Changing Colors (PDF)

Disappearing Colors

You just spilled juice all over your new shirt and you are in BIG trouble. Can you make the stain go away?
Download Activity: Disappearing Colors (PDF)

Finding Colors

Can you find five indicator colors (red, orange, yellow, green, and blue) when an acid and a base are reacted together?
Download Activity: Finding Colors (PDF)

Finding Red

Can you discover which combination of chemicals will produce red when mixed together?
Download Activity: Finding Red (PDF)

The Fruit Juice Mystery

Can you discover which juice is a fake made from food color and water and sugar?
Download Activity: The Fruit Juice Mystery (PDF)

Hot and Cold

Can you find the combination of chemicals that could be used to make an instant cold pack?
Download Activity: Hot And Cold (PDF)

The Liquid Rainbow

Can you create a rainbow pattern of colors in a test tube?
Download Activity: The Liquid Rainbow (PDF)

Plant Power

Can you find which plants have an enzyme that breaks hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen?
Download Activity: Plant Power (PDF)

Which Powder

Can identify an unknown powder by comparing it with common household powders?
Download Activity: Which Powder is It? (PDF)

Safety Signs

Signs for posting near kits and at activity tables.
Download Safety Signs (PDF)

List of Experiments

A complete listing of all the experiments. This sign can be posted near the kits.
Download List of all Experiments (PDF)

General Signs

We also have 8 1/2 x 11" signs you can use on the wall or at a table for each activity.
Download Signs (PDF)


A list of supplies you will need for the experiments.
Download List of Supplies (PDF)

Take-Home Kit

Below is an instructional sheet for a take home chemistry kit. This can be packaged with the listed materials and given to visitors and students.