Attack of the Bloodsuckers



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This Attack of the Bloodsuckers activity guide invites educators to share the many wonders of blood-sucking creatures with children and their caregivers. Bloodsuckers live all over the world. Many of them have been living on this planet for millions of years. In this time, they have evolved a variety of adaptations and hunting strategies that are skillfully employed to find a blood meal.

The Attack of the Bloodsuckers exhibition explores many of these attributes, investigating the science behind the piercing, sucking, and probing that have made these creatures so recognizable to humans.

The activities in this education guide aim to instill a sense of wonder in children, while also moving them to become environmental stewards. The guide is organized by theme and corresponds to the various exhibit components. For each theme, there is at least one activity provided. In addition, each topic has background information to better equip educators who are facilitating the presentations. The Attack of the Bloodsuckers activities are geared for children grades K-5.

Educator Guide and Activities

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