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About the Sciencenter

The Sciencenter, a non-profit hands-on science museum in Ithaca, New York, grew out of a volunteer-run science program at a local elementary school. Founded in 1983, the Sciencenter operated from storefronts for nearly a decade. In 1993, the museum opened the first phase of its permanent home. Phase II opened in 1996 and provided additional program space. Phase III, which opened in 2003, expanded the Sciencenter to 32,000 sq. ft. During the decade from 1992-2002, 3,400 volunteers donated 50,000 hours of time to construct the Sciencenter. In 2010, the Sciencenter acquired an additional 8,000 sq. ft. building to support its growing traveling exhibition program.

Today, the Sciencenter is a nationally recognized museum, hosting 100,000 guests in Ithaca each year and reaching over 1.5 million guests worldwide through our traveling exhibitions and outreach programs.

The Sciencenter is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) and is a member of the Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC) and Association of Children’s Museums (ACM).

Sciencenter mission: Cultivate a broad community of curious, confident, critical thinkers.
Sciencenter vision: A world where people explore, connect, and create through science.

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The Sciencenter staff is available to help make your visit a pleasant experience and we look forward to speaking with you.

Senior Leadership

Name/Email Title Ext.
Dean Briere
Dean Briere Executive Director (Bio) x126
Chris Fagan
Chris Fagan CFO and VP of Administration x130
Michelle Kortenaar
Michelle Kortenaar VP of Strategic Development x124
Jennifer Schwade
Jennifer Schwade Vice President of Education x134
Adrienne Testa
Adrienne Testa Vice President of Museum Experiences x135

Sciencenter Staff

Name/Email Title Ext.
Cass Barbour
Cass Barbour Project Manager x155
Kelly Barclay
Kelly Barclay Public and Media Relations Manager x114
Emily Belle
ebelle@sciencenter.org; volunteer@sciencenter.org
Emily Belle Volunteer Programs Manager x149
Donna Bodenstein
Donna Bodenstein Manager of Guest Relations x116
Patricia Flery
Patricia Flery Museum Greeter x121
Lucas Fredericks
Lucas Fredericks Exhibit Fabricator x146
Gwen Gallagher
Gwen Gallagher Museum Greeter x121
Annie Gordon
Annie Gordon Educator x123
Matthew Griffin
Matthew Griffin Museum Greeter; Animal Keeper x121
Kodi Hopkins
Kodi Hopkins Museum Greeter x121
Ali Jackson
Ali Jackson Director of Partnerships x144
Josiah Jacobus-Parker
Josiah Jacobus-Parker Annual Fund and Membership Manager x119
Kathy Krafft
Kathy Krafft Exhibit Fabricator x125
Peter Leipzig
Peter Leipzig Education Program Coordinator x145
Elizabeth McDonald
Elizabeth McDonald Education Program Coordinator x148
Colin Meeks
Colin Meeks Manager of Live Collections x132
Mike Napierski
Mike Napierski Facilities Manager x142
Ryan Opila
Ryan Opila Grants and Administrative Coordinator x111
Julian Pompilio
Julian Pompilio Exhibit Fabricator x143
Brian Quan
Brian Quan Exhibit Fabricator x137
Bethany Resnick
Bethany Resnick Education Program Coordinator x120
Sharon Smallwood
Sharon Smallwood Traveling Exhibitions Manager x128
Alli Sribarra
Alli Sribarra Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations x133
Judy Stock
Judy Stock Museum Greeter x121
Cori Thompson
Cori Thompson Museum Greeter x121
Lillian Tomik
Lillian Tomik Advancement Coordinator x118
Lyla White
Lyla White Educator x147

Sciencenter Board of Trustees

  • Melinda Oakes, Chair
  • Laurie Robinson, Vice Chair
  • Sunshine Miller, Secretary
  • Jason Sanford, Treasurer
  • Greg Galvin, Past Chair
  • Fernando de Aragon
  • John Birmingham
  • Michael Britt
  • A.J. Edwards
  • George Gull
  • Seth Hiland
  • Mark Hurwitz
  • Richard Kiely
  • Heather McDaniel
  • Eric Toftegaard
  • John Turner
  • Lisa Whitaker
  • Shawn Wilczynski
  • Qi Zhang
  • Dean Briere, Ex-officio
Board 2019 1

Sciencenter Advisory Board

John Alexander, Warren Allmon, William Bassett, Brian Bauer, Walt Cottrell, Sarah Davidson Evanega, Ann Druyan, Jennifer Engel, Gary Ferguson, David Fernandez, Russell Givens, Michael Goldstein, Mary Grainger, Janet Hawkes, Lindsey Hayes, Kim Holloway, Carolyn Horner, Laurie Johnston, Denise Lee, Deborah Levin, Ilma Levine, Bruce Lewenstein, Robert McGuire, Susan Mittler, Lorraine Moynihan Schmitt, Svante Myrick, John Neuman, Michael Nolan, William Nye, Thomas O’Rourke, Mason Peck, Nancy Potter, Richard Prybyl, Martha Robertson, Franklin Robinson, Tacie Saltonstall, Helene Schember, Lynette Scofield, Arthur Shull, Blixy Taetzsch, Jennifer Tavares, Yervant Terzian, Bruce Thompson, Marguerite Uphoff, Thomas VanDerzee, Charles Walcott, Sean Whittaker, Amy Yale-Loehr, Gene Yarussi

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  • Tuesday - Saturday, 10 am - 5 pm*
  • Sunday, 12 pm - 5 pm
  • *Open holiday Mondays and Mondays in July and August, 10 am - 5 pm

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